1rst Working Session – Start of presentations of the participating cities

The Young Ambassadors begin their works by presenting the role of their respective cities in the context of preserving the World Heritage!

  • Bordeaux

Éloïse Valadon is 22 years old, representing the city of Bordeaux, France. She is a young architecture student with multiple interests, constantly looking for new projects!

Art, culture, architecture, she is curious about everything and everyone! At the same time, Éloise has a growing commitment to equal opportunities that leads her to broaden her career and her vision of the world.


  • Vienna

Lisa Gerner is 22 years old, representing the city of Vienna, Austria. Creatice solutions impresses her, so coming together to share them is the best way for Lisa to improve. She is very glad of having the chance to take part in this meeting and talk about her ideas of what a future city could look like to make the best out of it for everybody.






  • Rhodes

Asimina Emmanuella Sifaki. is 19 years old and represents the island of Rhodes, in Greece. She studies electrical and computer engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She hopes that technology will support the sustainability of our heritage.



  • Córdoba

Ana Relaño is 26 years old and represents the city of Cordoba, Spain. She has studied tourism and is currently doing a master’s degree in heritage management from the municipality at the University of Cordoba.