2nd Working Session – Continuation of presentations of the participating cities

The second day of the III Encounter Young Ambassadors of World Heritage began with the continuation of the presentations by the representatives of the participating cities, here go!

  • Évora

Telmo Gil Marqueis 21 years old, representating the host city of this meeting, Évora, Portugal. He is currently a student of International relations in University of Évora.

  • Porto

Rita Baltazar Ramos is 23 years old, representating the city of Porto, Portugal. She is now finishing her heritage mediation masters degree. Rita was born and raised in Porto, and she is very proud of representating her city at the encounter of young ambassadors of world heritage city.



  • Elvas

Joana Figueira Sequeira is 20 years old and represents the city of Elvas, Portugal. She was born and raised in Elvas and is currently in the second year of her degree in history and archeology at the University of Évora.